Ahsan Ul Kalam – Al Qamar Islamic Watch -AQ-110 SILVER WHITE DIAL

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1000 Cities Feature: It adjusts and set prayer timings automatically by selecting any country or city manually by its easy settings.

Quran Bookmark Feature: It helps user to book mark Quran Ayat.

Qibla Direction: The digital compass is used to show the right direction of Qibla.

Azan Time Alarm: This alarm ring according to the location, prayer & timings.

Location Guide: It has digital GPS that helps you to navigate easily.

Battery Status: Indicates the status of battery charging.

Water Resistant: This wrist watches resist water and sweat that prolongs the life of watch.

Volume Adjustment: User can easily control the volume of alarm.

Languages: English & Arabic.

Moon Age: Islamic dates and calendar can be followed through this watch.

Time Format: ( AM/PM) or 24 hours.

Stop Watch: It also helps user to use stopwatch feature.

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